Environment-friendly Business Solutions

Designing and executing public and private gardens and landscaping.
Offering dumpsters rental service for restaurants, apartments, shops, warehouses, workshops and shopping malls.
Street automated sweeping.
Designing and installing automated and manual irrigation systems.
Executing works of maintenance for public and private gardens, the irrigation systems and landscaping.
General cleaning, maintenance, operation of buildings and foundations.
Transplanting varied species of palms with highest standard of quality assurance through extraordinary methods.
Offering all-size dumpsters rental service.
De-watering process.

The Most Important Services of the Company

General contracting

Operation and Maintenance

Cleaning of the Cities and the Environmental Services

Forestation and Maintenance of Landscaping

Infrastructure Works

Multi-purpose Containers Rental

Providing Specialized Labor Services

Facilities Management

Industrial Services

Hydro jetting & industrial vacuuming services

Waste Management Services

Comprehensive services by your industry needs.

Nabatat Integrated Facilities Management Services

Nabatat IFM provides industry-leading Facilities Management Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Family-owned, NIFM is a business founded on the ideals of providing cutting edge, cost-effective integrated facilities management services to our valued customers.
We understand the critical element of developing a bespoke Integrated Facilities Management Services, which will incorporate your business, property and people requirements to meet all statutory requirements, industry standards and your strategic goals.
Our approach to Integrated Facilities Management Service allows us to deliver consistent service, create best practices and proactively respond to potential disruptions, all at a competitive price.
Our service offer enables our clients to focus on their core business as we support their objectives by providing a range of services under a single contract:

  • Cleaning
  • Front of House
  • Grounds Maintenance/ Landscaping
  • Waste Management
  • Mailroom Services
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • General Building Service
  • Work Force Supply
  • Industrial Vacuuming

Our services can be delivered as a single solution for large organizations with multiple sites, or fully integrated facilities management services, all with one point of contact for all your facilities management needs.
Whether you need a standalone service, a bundled offering or a fully integrated facilities management solution, we'll deliver the right package for your specific needs and business objectives.

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